"Wajah" is a story about an innocent and curious boy named Chirag who tries to ask questions according to his logistics wherein he gets avoided by his elders. This scenario of not being communicative has been the situation for most of the famillies and for generations together where knowingly or unknowingly we find ourselves in the loop. It is in his "clean slate" phase of life where he hasn't been affected by the perks of being human yet, so he does what he does.


  • Produced By Chic Pea Studios Pvt. Ltd. Cast
  • Written & Directed by Aayush Agarwal


  • Chirag- Pramarth Desai
  • Father- Amit Prasad
  • Grandfather- Ranjit Sinha
  • Mother- Rima Mazumdar


  • Executive Producer- Iha Sharma
  • Executive Producer- Iha Sharma
  • Editor- Tanya Chhabria
  • Sound Designer- Ashwin Rajashekar
  • Costume Designer- Ganesh Nallari
  • Casting Director- Ganesh Nallari and Aayush Agarwal
  • Assistant Director- Shivendu Shukla, Aalap Tanna
  • Assistant Camera- Lakshit Dhargawe
  • Lighting- Aman Bhardwaj
  • Assistant Sound- Joshua Thakur
  • Storyboard- Sparsh Singh
  • Behind the Scenes- Geetanjal Khanna
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