MUDRA...a silent gesture

"Mudra"...the silent gesture, is a coming out story of a man to his mother. It's the truth of a man's existence and his ultimate confession illuminates one of the many unanswerable questions!


  • Written and directed by Ganesh Nallari
  • Cast: Pallavi Verma and Ganesh Nallari
  • Lights: Junaid Ullah


  • Directed by Ganesh Nallari
  • Cinematography by Dattu Khandavilli
  • Editing by Revanth Vojjala & Punith Mahesh


Dramanon Skits

  • The Best Director Award, Ganesh Nallari
  • The best actor runner up, Pallavi Verma (in Mother's role)
  • The Best Play Runner-up Award
  • The Best Promotional Video Award
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